— Crossing the Cruise – Conference

22.8.2015 12 – 20pm

The sea is the most important living environment and emblem of the blue planet. The sea questions power relations on earth and connects everybody who is travelling on the spaceship Earth. Together with experts, artists and activists working on and around the sea we would like to imagine a new culture of sea travel beyond the logic of today’s cruise ship industry. We would like to do that in the tradition of what we call SHIPPING ART – artistic and activist interventions into sea travel.

12.15 – 13.45 pm
Interfaces between Art and Seafaring

geheimagentur: welcome and introduction

Burkhardt Wolf (Berlin), Author of the book „Fortuna di Mare“:
The goddess of luck and the sea embodies the changing relation between nautical technologies and the epistemologies of chance. From this double perspective the sea emerges as an open field of experimentation between technics and poetics .

Fiona Wilkie (UK): Boat Travel and Performance
Fiona Wilkie, author of the book „Performance, Transport and Mobility: Making Passage“, will give an overview of contemporary artistic practices on and at sea.

14.15 – 15.45 pm
Vessels & Harbours – Infrastructures

Ilias Marmaras (Athens) – Cargonauts
Cargonauts is an online computer game based on research about contemporary labour conditions in shipping ports. Cargonauts envisions a logistical world of infrastructure, of transport economies, of zones and concessions, of nocturnal possibilities for sabotage and revenge.

Urs Blaser (Hamburg) – Stubnitz:
The Motorship Stubnitz is an 80-meters-long former East German fishing vessel transformed in 1992 into a moving platform for cultural research and exchange that has been travelling between european harbour cities for the last twenty years.

Mehdi Mozuni – Institute for Transportation Design Braunschweig
Mehdi Mozuni is a strategic designer, who does research on future developments in the cruise ship industry.

16.15 – 17.45 pm
Shipping Art – Projects

CAMP (India) – Country of the Sea, From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf:
CAMP is a collaborative project linking and discussing independent artistic and media projects in Mumbai/India. They made the documentary From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf – a result of four years of dialog, friendship and exchange between CAMP and a group of sailors from the Gulf of Kutch.

LONE TWIN (UK) – The Boat Project:
The Boat Project is a living archive of people’s stories and lives, a 30ft vessel made from donated wooden items. Across 2011 Lone Twin invited people from the UK and around the world to donate wood to the project. Pencil or piano – exotic as Zebrawood or as familiar as pine – any object would be accepted as long as it had a story behind it.

Exterritory Project:
Exterritory Project aims to encourage both the theoretical and practical exploration of ideas concerning extraterritoriality in an interdisciplinary context.The project was conceived in 2009, when artworks of artists from the Middle East were projected onto the sails of boats located in exterritorial waters – an autonomous sphere at a removal from the confines of any one national territory.

18.30 – 20pm
How to ‚cross the cruise’?
What are the potentials of Shipping Art?
What can we do together?

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