— Shefarers of Ipswich at Spill Festival 2023.

The maritime world is a man’s world – at least until now! Things are changing and today more women than ever are sailing the seas. In order to celebrate women working on, at and with the seas, secret agency founded the Women of the Seven Seas in 2020, asking: Is there a feminism of the seas?

This year the Women of the Seven Seas are calling out to the Shefarers of Ipswich: Female sailors, women working at the port or on ships, swimmers, environmental activists, female boat builders, women living on boats, and so on. They are all joining forces, sharing their stories and dreaming of a better future on and for the seas.

During SPILL, secret agency will set up headquaters for the Shefarers of Ipswich on Barge Victoria on the water front, hosting a series of events. Come and visit the Open Ship, where more stories of shefarers are presented, some from far away, and some from nearby. Or if you are a shefarer yourself, come by and add your own story.  Or join the banquet and procession to the Hold, where, the Shefarers of Ipswich will become part of the Suffolk Archives, as a promise for the future!

Spill festival programme here.



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