— Women of the Seven Seas: Lecture Performance & Salon

August 17-19 2022, Kampnagel Internationales Sommerfestival Hamburg

Women of the Seven Seas is a global group of female artists, researchers, activists and seafarers working with, at and around the sea and on questions of maritime life. The group has been initiated by geheimagentur and has one question in common: Will the growing number of women working at sea make a difference? Maritime patriarchy is no joke. It is a history of war, colonialism and exploitation of people and natural resources. Is there – finally – a feminist movement about to appear at sea to unite against all that? The answer is: not yet. But maybe soon.

geheimagentur will not only give a report of the current activities and experiences of the Women of the Sevens Seas, we will also present a live animated vision for a future, when cruise ships will go under, sea levels will rise and transgender hippies on rafts of trash will unite with the Female Seafarers‘ Association of Nigeria to come for the rescue.

After the opening performance on August 17 2022, geheimagentur invites you to a salon with music and drinks to meet some of the Women of the Seven Seas: Two fabulous representatives of the FESAN and the artist Mary Mattingly from New York are guests in Hamburg and will speak on their work; while Shefarer Nova Ruth plays a live concert from aboard her boat project Arka Kinari in the Indian Ocean.

Concept, Word, Performance: geheimagentur
Soundtrack: Lil Twills
Voices: Koni Maryamnu Duniya, Nova Ruth, Francoise Vergès, Maria Ines Plaza Lazo, Jim Ismael Anton, Heike Roms und Lil Twills
Production management: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
SALON AND SCHOLARSHIPS funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.
LECTURE PERFORMANCE supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

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